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    Anita Coddington
    April 22, 2023

    The sales lady at the centerra store was mostly not helpful at all in helping me trim my bill. She said I should keep the plan I was on and that if I bought my own router (Xfinity is changing me $25/mo for their router) that I would have to service it myself. I'm a senior citizen and told her I couldn't afford Xfinity inching their prices up on my bill all the time and just wanted her help to look at my bill. Very discouraging talking to this saleslady...and she gave me the impression that she didn't care to help me. She was only looking out for Xfinity's interests and maybe her monthly sales commission status.

    Justin Ross
    April 11, 2023

    Tl,dr: The rep who "helped" me out was condescending, ill-informed in her area of expertise, and unwilling to help. I did learn my lesson though, use the app. It's annoying 95% of the time, but much less annoying than the people who work for Xfinity. . . . Today I had, quite possibly, the most frustrating experience I've had with an Xfinity rep. My internet was shut down due to a past due balance (info from Xfinity app), but the thing is, I had paid that 3 days prior. When I went in, the lady (really wish I could remember her name) proceeded to tell me that it wasn't shut down and that I should unplug my modem/router combo then plug it back in. When I expressed I had done this, she asked me to pay the $80 again. Which I did, only to find that in doing so, there's now a credit to my account because I over paid (because I paid it 3 days prior; she apparently didn't believe me though). She completely ignored the message Xfinity sent me, letting me know why the service was out, and told me repeatedly that I, "came in for the wrong reason." She refused to listen to the reason I was in, and instead of working with me to figure it out, she told me that, "it's probably an outage (then shows me there was an outage 3 days ago in my area..?)." The outage was planned maintenance that I was made aware of weeks in advance, so I knew at that point she was just spit-balling to save face since she had no idea what was happening. She then told me, for the fourth time, to unplug my router and plug it back in, then sent me on my merry way, telling me, "don't be frustrated." Yea, right. In getting home, I took her advice and powered down my router. Lo and behold, it did absolutely nothing. My internet was still down, the app was still giving me the same message. I was then able to connect with an agent over the app's chat feature. This agent pulled up my account, told me that they could see the two payments, and restarted my service all within 10 minutes.

    Aryam Ceballos
    January 25, 2023

    I should’ve read the review before going, I had a problem where this store order two camaras for me and I received the wrong two items in the mail. I called customer service and even texted customer service two different times and I was told they couldn’t fix it to go to the store so they can help me there ,to just get there and before the lady helping me even took a look at my account she was already telling me I had to call customer service she was very rude keep talking over me she wouldn’t even let me explain that I had already done that. For a corporate store they don’t help or do nothing at all for you, it felt like I was just being bounced around and no one wanted to fix their mistake. Once I got on the phone with customer service once again! They were in shock that a corporate store wasn’t able to fix it for me and they ONCE AGAIN said they should’ve been able to do it. Never going back I would rather look for the next available store that’s a lazy attitude for me coming from the employee I’ve work for a corporate store before and our goal was to make sure our customers left without the problem or concerns even if it meant us going that extra mile.

    Jb Trillski
    March 30, 2023

    It is literally impossible to schedule a tech appointment with these people. I have tried the virtual assistant and directly calling. You are just given the run around until they tell you a restart is all you need. I have restarted my router at least a hundred times now. Why do they make this so difficult?

    Troy Kerns
    May 02, 2023

    Really nice people working there.. The check in is not good system. waited 30 minutes just to get help

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