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    Cassie Riccioni
    April 01, 2024

    Went in and signed up for internet service and decided to switch my phone over from Verizon. Got a new free phone and was told the watch phone was "part of the package" later I discovered I was going to be charged nearly $400 and an extra line. So buyer beware! I do not like being tricked like that. Also it is impossible to speak to anyone without going to a store in add to this I finally got my mail in my new home and found out they added and are charging me for Assurant Protection Plan on my phone when I was VERY clear to the guy at the store that I did NOT want it. Now I wasting over 30 minutes with them trying to get that removed.

    Theresa Tee
    April 08, 2024

    A week or so ago tried to get in to Xfinity in Ft. Collins, since we were in the vicinity. They had over an hour wait! Drove the 25 minutes to this location, and was able to get right in. Our questions were answered and we left happy. This store is well-light, airy, welcoming, and we've always had great service.

    Gil Zabot
    April 06, 2024

    Absolutely clueless employees. Knew NOTHING about a service they advertise on the web. On the way out i heard one employee tell the manager whom i was speaking with "wow you did a great job helping him!" When in fact he did nothing. This store and company is a joke.

    Nancy Pflughoeft
    March 21, 2024

    We went in because our bill increased by 40%. We were told the only way to reduce it was to bundle our cell phones.We did. Then they encouraged us to take the "free" phones they were offering. We did, we hated them, went back to get help, they could offer no help, told us to go to geek squad or the cell phone repair store. Erik and another dude were extremely rude, telling us the phones were fine! So the next day we decided to return the new ones and reactivate our old phones. We sat and waited 1.5 hours for Matt to help us. Not one other person ever spoke to us or even made eye contact during this time. Finally Matt was available, only to tell us he somehow couldn't get into our account, something was wrong with their system.. hmmm they are helping others right and left. We left, went back the next day, we were told it would only take 10-15 minutes. Geoff helped us this time, we was very nice, but screwed something up, and finally had to get the tech guy from the back to help us, this took 3 hours. The tech guy is the only one that offered an apology, or acted like he cared at all. All told we spent at least 8 hours over 3 days just trying to add our cell phones to the plan. This was absolutely the worst customer service we've received in years! We will never step foot in this store again.. In the middle of this fiasco we even went to the Ft Collins store to see if they could help, they were very pleasant, and did get our old phones activated, but couldn't accept the return of the new phones or finish the paperwork For that we had to go back to Loveland. We will gladly make the drive to Ft Collins for any future needs.

    Steve Crandall
    February 12, 2024

    I went into the store a week ago to see how we could save some money on our bill. The rep - an older fellow with a crew cut and a red jacket - discovered that we could save almost $40 by dropping our land line. Great! However, our HBO and Showtime were dropped as well as the amount we could record. I went in today to find out the issue and this same rep swears he told me that would happen. HE NEVER DID! I asked during the first visit a couple of times to confirm that we would lose NO CHANNELS and he assured me we wouldn’t. Crew Cut man was extremely rude to me. “This conversation is over,” he said. I could talk to the store manager but, of course, he wasn’t in. I live twenty minutes from the store and there’s no store number to call directly. Comcast’s customer service is atrocious as well as their reps. We’ve been Comcast customers for close to forty years and I don’t appreciate being treated like this. I would love to drop all of our services because of this but Comcast is a monopoly and doesn’t care about their customers.

    Xfinity Store by Comcast

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