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    Rose K
    July 27, 2022

    So, we came up here because my Type 1 diabetic daughter had large keystones & her blood sugar has been elevated for the past week. We went to the E.R. Upon arrival, the security officer was super nice. Then Steve, at the front desk checking us in, was absolutely on top of his job. He was friendly & straight forward, had the appropriate behavior for the situation. However, the main triage nurse wasn't pleasant or understanding in demeanor at all. He rushed my daughter out stating "I have 4 other people to triage". I literally just stood there with my mouth open as the doctor luckily came in right behind that & said "let me look at her now because once she goes back out, it'll be A MINUTE". Thankfully she was there to step in. Now we're in the waiting room because they don't have a room available...

    Sheleane Steele
    April 22, 2023

    My mom had surgery and was in on the ortho floor for 3 days. Not once has there been anyone in to clean her room, she had several cups of coffee and tea that sat on her tray for 3 days. Needles from checking her blood sugar all over the floor. Dirty towels never hit taken out and replaced, I changed her bed myself because their idea of doing her bed was just straightening it up. The kitchen would bring her food and leave it on the counter and she could not get up or even lift it to carry it to her tray. But the time someone would come to give it to her it was cold. The daytime staff didn't seem to care to much about anything she has concerns with. She had no hot water in her room to shower or even wash her face and apparently there are many rooms that do not have hot water and have not for a long time. So there are people who are here for weeks and never get a shower. For this being a UC Health hospital where you'd think would be high quality this hospital is far from it and I will never allow my mom to come here again. We will change networks after this experience. Horrible experience.

    Mark Kershisnik
    May 31, 2023

    Two surgeries in last 14 months. They did a great job with care. I can say they have really ramped up staffing and people are very competent. I think Covid had a big impact, but they have managed through it well.

    Jan Schielke
    July 28, 2020

    I recently spent a very unexpected week at this hospital which included surgery. I am so thankful that it was at this hospital as every day I was so well taken care of. Every single person there that I had contact with, and there were many(!), were professional, kind, thorough and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I feel very blessed that I was placed in their care as I am now on the mend! If you need a hospital.....choose here!

    Nick Broach
    February 28, 2023

    I came to the emergency room at the suggestion of the UCHealth Nurse Line after my smartwatch warned me three times this morning of AFib. When I entered the ER, my partner and I both recall clearly that I stated my concern was that my watch alerted me to AFib. When I spoke with the nurse upon being taken back for initial testing, my partner and I both clearly recall me stating that my watch and my family history were for AFib. Despite this, my notes showed VFib, and upon being asked by the doctor, confirmed that I meant AFib. I did admit that I may have misspoke, but my partner did confirm that I had not once stated VFib. Now, I understand that the hospital was busy; however, in a situation more serious than mine, mistakes like this can kill. At the very least, if she was unsure of what I meant, the nurse should have clarified; I am well aware of the difference between the two, but many other patients may not be. Not only did that make me question the quality of care that I received today, the treatment by staff was...less than spectacular. Very "oh, you're too young for heart issues," as if I had not very clearly stated that I have a family history of this condition and it has been known to be a genetic issue. My partner and I both felt that my concerns had been dismissed. I had admitted upon intake that I (legally, mind you) consume cannabis for pain management, as it is important for your healthcare provider to know anything that may be impacting your body, but I was not at all intoxicated for the trip. I do believe that this impacted my quality of care. I was able to get a referral to a clinic for a followup, which is the main reason that I have not left one star. There was also a very fluffy therapy Newfie who helped raise the score. TLDR, if you're younger and are having a medical concern that warrants an ER trip, and MUST go to UCHealth for insurance, make the trip to Fort Collins if you can safely do so.

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