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    Nick Dorroh
    March 30, 2024

    Always top notch customer service from the moment I walk into Sportsman's Warehouse! I'm always greeted with a "welcome in", and often accompanied by a "anything we can help you find or point your in the direction of?" Immediately, once you're where you were hoping to get to, you're greeted by yet another friendly and personable staff member who is more than happy to help you complete your transaction despite being time for their lunch break (shout out to Daniel! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜) Thank you Sportsman's Warehouse!! 10/10 would recommend! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค™

    May 05, 2024

    I used to love Sportsman's Warehouse, but no more. The chain in general, and this store specifically, seems to have continued to go down-hill post Covid. Sportsman's Warehouse website showed a product as in-stock at this store. Repeated attempts to phone this store to confirm stock were not answered. Drove across town, inquired with a store associate about stock of the specific item, was told they weren't even going to look. If it's not on the shelf, they couldn't help me because "THERE AREN'T ENOUGH EMPLOYEES IN THE STORE TO LEAVE THE THE COUNTER", and that "Corporate" has been making it worse for the employees. So, the executive leadership of Sportman's Warehouse is out of touch, the employees are in open revolt. Not a pleasant or productive shopping experience.

    Dave Steele
    February 18, 2024

    Their selection of knives is pretty good, as well as guns. I haven't bought a gun through them, however, and the staff (in guns) varies from friendly to wadda-want! Honestly, there's better places to drop hundreds of dollars. Ammo selection is so-so. I get .22 there sometimes. They rarely, if ever, have 30-30. Seriously? Powder has been hit and miss, mostly miss, and I don't even bother with the place for primers anymore. I don't even think they try to get them.

    Fraser Macdonald
    May 18, 2024

    While they did not have what I was looking for (temporarily out of stock) the staff were unbelievably helpful, and while they regretted sending me some where else, they did make 2 suggestions and provided directions to find what I was looking for. Much appreciated!

    Denver Wood
    April 28, 2024

    Yesterday was the last time I do business with Sportsman's. I ordered a fishing rod from Sportsman's online. I did not receive a confirmation email, very strange. I'm a loyalty member and always get their emails and advertisements. I was charged for the pruchase and the transaction went through. The rod showed up to my house. Great, all is well right? I opened the package and was unhappy. I decided to return the item. I went to the Sportsman's in Loveland. Keep in mind, no email. The clerk at the front desk called the manager. He kept explaining the situation via walkie talkie and phone. "Customer ordered a rod, has no order number, but has item in shipped packaging, card from transaction, and online banking on cell phone showing no he indeed placed order. Etc" The manager was refusing to come out and help us. After the clerk at the front desk was done speaking with his manager, for 10 minutes or so, he told us to come back Monday and that the manager would have to call the e sales department to figure out the situation and that the manager was leaving for the day. Unbelievable. I asked him if the manager could come speak with us. The manager came out very rude and bit my head off. He couldn't be bothered to help. I snapped back at him and then he decided he could help us. There was a sales number on the shipping tube the rod was in so he could look up the order. I also had the card I ordered with. I still do not know why they couldn't have just looked at the cardboard tube to begin with or used my card to look up the order. None of this seemed particularly difficult. All it took was a little willingness to help a customer out. The manager just couldn't be bothered to do his job. He was so rude and was so upset to actually have to come up front and help us. I don't need to be disrespected, snapped at and treated like a burden. Especially when spending money. I'm shopping elsewhere from now on. My wife and I ended up going to Scheels. I've always shopped with Sportsman's as my number 1. Not anymore. What's the point?

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