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    D Ralston
    March 11, 2023

    What a nightmare! I was shown the apartment and fell in love with it immediately. But qualifying for it really sucked they got my income verification way wrong and once I pointed that out Kayla in the office said she could get me approved based on my pay stubs and prior your taxes. I also have guardianship of my 13-year-old granddaughter and after making me jump through hoops to prove I had guardianship of her, because the guardianship paperwork was not enough for them, I had to get a letter from her school as well which is totally stupid. I was then told I didn't qualify because my paperwork for guardianship of my granddaughter was not good enough so they had to rate me off of an income of one and it put me way over the limit. They jerked me around for 3 weeks and in the meantime I lost another apartment that I had put a deposit down because I trusted that Kayla would be able to get me approved like she said she would. I would not recommend this place to even my worst enemy! if an income restricted apartment is what you're looking for there's a very nice one in Greeley called West Park village and they have one two and three bedroom apartments that are cheaper and nicer than reserve it centerra. And the office staff at westpark is much more friendlier than Kayla at reserve

    Jesse Michael
    November 20, 2022

    This complex slowly gets worse by the day. Management never has answers on simple questions.They will not communicate changes that directly affect you. Neighbors are horrible, disgusting and rude. They hold different standards for different tenants. Parking here is a nightmare and they know that but refuse do anything about it. The list can go on my advice don’t move here pay a little more for a place that’s respectable and cares about its tenants this is what we plan on doing once our lease is up. They are quicker to reply to a bad google review than their own tenants direct phone calls asking for a call back.

    Desiree Taylor
    March 31, 2023

    I guess there is a reason for 2.8 stars. Put in 60 day notice and I'm in the process of moving out. Had two broken down boxes and a bag of recycling (because you have to haul recycling to a dumpster that isn't even near your building) sitting outside my door while I grabbed more recycling, and boom, a $50 fee for having "trash sitting outside my door". So, here is my final review of this increases over $130 per month every year and no upgrades have been done to an old apartment or the community as a whole. So much for low/moderate income. Good luck finding parking and get ready for random inspections where they look in your pantry... lol, maintenence shows up and let's themselves in 2 days after scheduled to be here, to my teenage daughter in the shower (completely inappropriate and illegal at that which is why we are leaving), Cobwebs and insects all over the breezeway, kids ringing your doorbell in the middle of the night and running, domestic violent fights every night, extremely high police activity on a regular basis, office is always "closed", and the list goes on and on. I've stayed in touch with all of my old neighbors and they have all complained about the same things. No wonder the turnover is so high. With rent prices decreasing, go find somewhere that cares about their tenants. Funny, after 4 years here, I get a stupid "trash" notice after putting my 60 day notice in. I guess constructive criticism isn't something these people can handle. Place is a joke.

    Amanda Friend
    February 18, 2022

    Overall a spacious apartment for my daughter and I. It’s kept pretty clean. And I do like that they have cameras in the parking lots. Communication hasn’t been so great as of lately. And the biggest Con that I have is the parking! We are allowed two parking spaces per unit, and quite often I don’t even get one that’s in my parking area for my building. I work until late at night and come home to having to park at a different building, and it’s not the safest especially when I have my little girl with me. The visitor parking is ALWAYS full, and I doubt residents have visitors late at night. It seems to be peoples extra vehicles they own that do not have a permit. Most of the vehicles do not move very often, or they are company vehicles. I have been towed before for not parking in the correct spot, on me I know. As much as I pay for rent here, I should get at least one parking spot in my building area and not walk clear across the complex to get to my home.

    Cody Coseo
    April 25, 2022

    Don't go here unless you want to be overcharged at a LOW INCOME apartment complex where they steal your security deposit and take weeks to fill out paper work. Brittany at the font desk is the most incompetent customer service representative I have ever spoken to and does not even understand the paperwork that she is asking tenants to sign. The place has an unsafe and disgusting environment, incompetent workers and horribly rude customer service. Money hungry is an understatement here. They are just taking advantage of people who can't afford a proper apartment. Absolutely horrible.

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