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    Morgan Brainerd
    February 24, 2024

    I’ve been coming to this petsmart to groom my little guy for over a year. I’ve never had a bad experience. They always do a great job and are so sweet to my dog. He leaves looking like a new man! Charlotte did his cut this time and he looks so good!

    Jason Litzinger
    January 20, 2024

    I have a miniature Goldendoodle and she was in desperate need of grooming. Everywhere else was booked out farther than expected. Petsmart had same day availability. I was able to confirm her records were up to date from her Arizona grooming. Booked quickly and took her in for a consult. Discussed with the groomer, Kati, what the expectations were. Kati was very transparent and upfront with what may or may not be required, along with addition upgrade/downgrade of charges. Lil Miss Dolly was slightly anxious, but way better than in the past with groomers. Fast forward 4 hours later and was called to tell us Dolly was ready. Kati met well beyond my expectations and I look forward to future grooming appointments. Not to mention, all the staff was absolutely amazing, but my word is Kati top notch. I am very hard to please but the moment I saw my lil girl, I was in heaven. She looks so eloquent and well cared for. Thank you again Kati. Attached is a picture of her relaxing and her fluffy coat.

    Matthew Lute
    May 07, 2024

    In my contemplation of the establishment, I find myself devoid of any semblance of animosity, yet a subtle disquietude creeps into my consciousness as I survey the scene before me. The atmosphere is tinged with an unsettling aura, as though the very air carries whispers of discontent from the inhabitants within. It is a disheartening sight to behold, witnessing the palpable signs of unease etched upon the faces of several animals confined within these walls. Despite my initial intentions of offering respite to the denizens of this establishment, my efforts were met with unforeseen tragedy. I made the decision to bring home a few fish, hoping to provide them with a sanctuary away from the confines of their current abode. Alas, my aspirations were shattered within a mere day, as I bore witness to the heartbreaking demise of these delicate creatures. Their lifeless forms served as a grim reminder of the fragility of existence. In my quest for understanding, I meticulously scrutinized every facet of their temporary habitat, searching for any clue that might shed light on their sudden demise. Yet, my efforts yielded no conclusive answers. The water parameters remained within optimal ranges, and the environmental conditions appeared to be devoid of any discernible anomalies. It was a perplexing conundrum, one that left me grappling for an explanation. As I pondered the circumstances surrounding their untimely passing, a troubling realization began to take shape in my mind. It became increasingly evident that the root cause of their demise likely lay not in the external factors surrounding their environment, but rather in the intrinsic health or quality of the fish themselves. Perhaps they had been afflicted by some unseen ailment or inherent weakness that had eluded detection until it was too late. And so, as I reflect upon the events that transpired, I am left with a profound sense of sorrow and remorse. Though my intentions were noble, the outcome was far from what I had hoped for. It serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance that exists within the natural world, and the profound impact that even the smallest of actions can have on the lives of those around us.

    May 04, 2022

    Love this Petsmart. They always have what I need for my fur babies. Lately they've been running short on some supplies. The cashiers are always super sweet and fun! Love striking up conversations with them about our pets. Long time visitor to this Petsmart and it's still my favorite location, however, they don't have the staff that they used to have, I understand everyone is short staffed right now, but that means limited assistance. The past few times I've visited I couldn't find anyone to ask questions or ask for assistance with larger items, like cat litter. Today I helped a sweet elderly lady bring down some small items she couldn't reach on her own. She couldn't find anyone to help her :/ . I've also noticed that they've been stocking during higher traffic times now and that didn't use to be the case. Or they would have things in carts so customers could get through isles. Today there were several associates restocking with large pallets on jacks that took up the whole isle so you can't get through and they do not move it out of the way so you have to walk all the way around to get to the other side. If you're handicapped or have a mobility issue this can be a problem. And please make sure to check all of your food items, there was a bag I didn't end up getting because it was expired but still on the shelf. That was disappointing.

    Scott Cooper
    January 27, 2024

    We have 3 dogs and have taken them to PetSmart a number of times in the past to be groomed. The groomers we have worked with have all for the most part done a wonderful job. This review is not based on their work. We scheduled all 3 for appointments at the Loveland store a while back and when we took them in the individual the at the desk was immediately very rude to us. Their appointments were staggered and we were told in a cold angry way that we couldn't leave all 3 and pick them all up when they were done, like they have allowed us to do many times over the years. We decided to turn around and cancel the appointments as we were worried about how our dogs would be treated after this interaction with this unhinged employee. Rescheduled with the Fort Collins store only to be called the day before telling us one of our dogs that has had some issues/aggression in the past, couldn't be groomed on a Saturday, too busy they said, and we would have to reschedule between Monday and Thursday. We need more notice than this. Having 3 dogs is stressful as many of you know. With our busy schedules, it is much easier to take all 3 dogs at once. We will not be taking then back to PetSmart based on the poor treatment we received and this new wrinkle of not being able to take all 3 on the weekend. I want to stress, this is in no way an indictment of the great groomers that have groomed our dogs in the past!

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