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    Kim Shull
    February 04, 2024

    This place was bad spent a lot on two meals the place was filthy it took ten minutes for anyone to even take my order got the food and was extremely disappointed by it my steak and white cheddar melt barley had any meat on it and the bread was so hard could hardly cut it to eat it the broccoli soup bowl was more bread then anything else and was the only thing that had flavor definitely will not be returning for a repeat experience and don't recommend it such a disappointing first time experience

    March 01, 2024

    Feb 29th 2024 nighttime I when to Panera bread and I ordered a bread bowl and a salad for dine in and I get it in a bag. I open bag to the smallest container I’ve seen filled half way so I ask them saying that I got it for dine in what’s this and they hand me a bread bowl telling me to put the mac and cheese in it and I counted four bites it took me to finish that small container I PAYED FOR A BREAD BOWL NOT FOUR BITES. The salad had way to many seeds in it and was insanely crunchy due to the seeds not only that but I also didn’t get any sauce and I ordered extra so I asked them and they still didn’t give me extra and I also asked for no onions because I’m severely allergic if u didn’t check I would’ve had to have gone to the hospital this is by far the worst Panera bread I’ve been to

    Jillian Rivera
    April 20, 2024

    Honestly why does this place even exist? Over the past week I’ve tried to order carry-out or delivery three times. The first time, they were out of white cheddar and chicken—which are star ingredients in like half their menu items. The second time, they were still out of chicken—nearly every salad and at least half their sandwiches feature chicken. The third time, I was able to successfully order what I wanted with no notification that they were out of any ingredients—only to have my food show up with a note explaining that they were out of not just the side baguette, but ALL SIDES. No chips, no apples, no bread. Why do I even bother anymore, when half their ingredients are constantly out? No other place around has this many supply struggles, so I don’t want to hear excuses from them. Their competitors are able to keep things in stock, so I’ll give them my business from now on.

    Joe Daly
    May 15, 2024

    Placed my order and even tipped after waiting 5 minutes just to get someone to even take my order. NEVER AGAIN. After taking my order they asked me what I was waiting around for. I only ordered 2 items. A bagel with cream cheese and a smoothie. By the time Captain Hook finally finished my smoothie my food was cold and i had to have them remake the smoothie as it has fibrous pieces of God only knows what in the drink. Stood up front for someone to help me with that another 5 minutes while employees walked on passed me before I finally just shouted at one to actually get what I ordered. To her credit this one wasn't blended with cardboard and was fine. $13 for a bagel with cream cheese and a smoothie. The lousy service was free. Place was also disgusting.

    Joseph hansen
    October 12, 2023

    This Panera never has enough product to last through the lunch hour. The plates are stacked on the trash a foot high currently. The food is good but it’s disappointing to hear all too often that they are out of basic items such as baguette. The prices have skyrocketed, it cost 23$ for two bowls of soup with an extra baguette with water to drink. The silverware was plastic for an in house meal served on ceramic plates. My bowl of soup was half full and couldn’t have been more than 2 cups of food. For 23$. We finished eating and we’re still hungry afterwards. Multimillion dollar company nickel and dimming the customers and not giving their employees raises with the inflated prices. I asked. It would have been one star if not for the food tasting good and the staff being nice and doing their best. SHAME ON YOU PANERA CORPORATE!

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