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4918 Thompson Pkwy, Johnstown, CO 80534, USA

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    amanda herrera
    May 08, 2024

    I’ve been fighting stage 4 cancer for two years and have been anxiously waiting for the moment I’d have medical clearance to eat poke again. Finally the day came! So my husband and I drove all the way from Greeley to our favorite place, Honolulu Poke Bar in Johnstown. My excitement and happiness was immediately squashed by some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I was rushed when struggling to make choices, I’ll admit, my brain is still slow from receiving 12 rounds of chemo. When the owner, who was making my order, responded in a nasty aggressive tone that there isn’t any seaweed salad, I hesitated a few seconds thinking about what I would substitute. Instead of apologizing, he proceeded to angrily act like he was going to throw my plate (half made) into the trash right in front of everyone. I’d already gotten too excited to have poke so I begged him not to throw my food away. After that, he didn’t let me get the rest of my toppings nor give me sauce, I had to ask the lady at the register to put some on the side for me, he continued to give me looks, and I deeply regretted going through with our order. This was our favorite poke place before I got sick and I’m absolutely heartbroken to write this review. I will never come back. If anyone knows of another poke place with good food and doesn’t treat their customers like absolute garbage please let me know!! Also after digging, I found out that the supposed owner (in the photo with hat on, and same person that made my order) steals his employees tips. His employees get verbally disparaged in front of customers and he looks for undocumented workers to run the back in order to rip them off and take advantage of them. I’m kind of glad I had this terrible experience here, as it forced me to do some investigating. We should all collectively decide not to reward selfish evil people like the owner of this establishment with our patronage.

    Leah Fike
    August 27, 2023

    Wow! Went in at a perfect time! No line and I could ask questions since I haven't been here before and not rushed! Fantastic service and help making decisions 👏 👍 love the wide variety of choices! Everything tasted fresh and yummy 😋 I'll totally be back to try something different. Keep up the great work!

    Brunson FX
    April 22, 2024

    I would give this place five stars, but the first owner I ever met, wasn’t too smart, he didn’t want to hire my company to do a website for his brand new business, and we offered it FREE and just to spread the word on who we are and not only did he say no he told me once that I looked like I had gained a lot of weight. He said it out loud and I called him out for it saying he needs better customer service skills, but then I never saw him again… :) after that service got better and food remained amazing as it always was.

    Eduardo Caballero
    March 26, 2022

    First time there and I defintly loved it! The rice is crazy good! The ingredients are very fresh. The people there were very helpful with deciding what would go good. The food is also pretty filling, and for the price it seemed like a good deal to me. The store was also very clean and had a relaxing vibe to it. Will forsure be coming back again and again!

    May 31, 2021

    I've been here 4 times now since they first opened and unfortunately I feel like the service has declined as well as some food factors. After my first visit I would have given them a 5 star review. On my recent visit I still enjoyed the quality of the food (hence the 3 stars), however the quantity has decreased and the service is now subpar. I've noticed others mention a female counter employee that seems to have an attitude and this is more then likely the same employee me and my daughter encountered when we recently visited. No smile, disengaged, & unattentive to our order. I had to remind her of our options twice because she kept forgetting and looking around or talking to her coworker about non-work related issues. We used to be able to share a large bowl, however this last time it was only half filled in comparison to previous visits (see pic) and the prices were also increased. So, overall, good food, but not worth the cost in my opinion. I also think they must have changed their Thai tea recipe because it didn't used to be as sickly sweet as it was this time. If they returned to their previous quantity & uped their customer service game this place would be a real gem and a true hit in my book that I would gladly pay the new prices for.

    Honolulu Poke Bar – Johnstown

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