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    Fossil Ridge Apartments in Windsor, Colorado, is a new, tranquil community only minutes away from the unique retail and food of Windsor and the lively shopping, dining, and entertainment of Centerra. The proximity to highway 25 makes northern Colorado and Denver an easy commute away.

    Fossil Ridge Apartments in Windsor offer spacious and stylish one to three-bedroom apartments. Our upgraded interiors come standard with durable countertops, wood-style plank floors, and stainless steel appliances in each apartment. Take a relaxing dip or a refreshing swim in our heated pool, workout in our state-of-the-art fitness center, or hang out in our community room. Don’t forget your four-legged family too, pets are permitted in the Fossil Ridge Apartments. Any way you look at it, our welcoming and upscale Windsor apartments is the next place for you to call home!

    Alexandria Bengtson
    March 03, 2022

    DO NOT MAKE OUR MISTAKE and ignore the red flags! The original office staff when we applied for the apartment was incredibly rude and unprofessional. Ashley, the leasing agent did not know anything about the apartments, complained about having to show us multiple units and ate Taco Bell while we were signing paperwork. The price ($200 off/month promo) and location were great, so we signed a lease in March 2021. Ashley told us to mention the promo at our renewal and they would honor for the next year. We didn’t even try because it’s not worth even the promo price. But considering everyone in our building has moved out in the last month, I’m guessing the promo ended and everyone realized this place is not worth it.I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A MASS EXODUS - multiple moving trucks every weekend. We have had issues with: The AC NOT WORKING for a week in the summer. Two different washer/dryer combos that they rented us broke and took weeks to fix. PEST PROBLEM - killing 3-4 crickets and spiders every day in the summer. ICE AND SNOW INSIDE our front door, hinges frozen and the door was stuck. Astronomical heating/cooling bills because every window and door has a draft. The walls are literally cracking. Empty promises from office staff and maintenance crew about repairs and no shows for appointments. SELF PROCLAIMED COMMUNICATION ISSUES - everybody blaming someone else. They accuse each other of lying and not communicating. An OUTSIDE VENDOR was given a key fob to the complex and the wrong apartment number, so without knocking he just UNLOCKED MY FRONT DOOR AND WALKED IN WHILE I WAS HOME. NO PARKING after 9pm. Not even in another parking lot at another building. You are forced to park your car on the road in the bike lane and then move it before the parking tickets are written around 8am every morning. The entire staff has been turned over in a year. When we have communicated our frustration over our experience, the NEW STAFF LAUGHS ABOUT HOW BAD THE BUILDINGS ARE and that we live in “THE CURSED UNITS ACROSS THE STREET.” They told us it was only a matter of time before we lost our electricity due to a malfunction.

    Leah Meehleis
    August 30, 2022

    My husband and I have lived here for 1.5 years. My stay with Fossil Ridge has been quite enjoyable. My neighbors are friendly, and the staff is excellent to work with. Many people have pets, and my dog has made quite a few friends. The location is ideal; you are right near the interstate! It takes me about 15 minutes to get to most places! Parking can be a little tight, but I have lived in a few apartments within the Larimer area, and they all have the same issue. People need to be understanding that the state of Colorado is highly populated, and apartments do the best they can with the space they have. Fossil Ridge apartments are not perfect, but the team and maintenance try their best to accommodate as much as possible. I would not let other reviews deter you from living here. I Appreciate the fossil ridge apartment team and have enjoyed my time with them!

    Lee Kamp
    September 24, 2021

    Wow. The reviews here are so opposite of what I've experienced. The property is nice and definitely affordable for it to be conveniently located in Windsor near the interstate and shopping centers. Staff is very helpful and concerned as I recently learned they too stay on site and have to deal with complaints after hours and parking. I seen one office staff out at night around 11pm checking garages and license plates to make sure everyone is following the rules. More than I would do with the rude people you deal with in customer service. I must say I see the parking issue as not really an issue but a failure of following laws by the other residents. I have seen many cars parking in the (BICYLE LANES) as marked clearly on road prior to the city of Windsor putting up no parking signs due to the near accidents and complaints of cyclists not being able to safely ride in the lane. I myself for one have called the non emergency number and complained of the violation. DO NOT PARK IN BICYCLE LANE AND YOU WONT GET A TICKET SIMPLE. Parking is tight as it is and most places that are near or at capacity it has very little to do with any property manager vs residents living in the community having numerous guest or letting people secretly stay unauthorized. I think some of the negative reviewers are unrealistic and entitled snobs. To put it in short PERCEPTION IS NOT EVERYTHING, TO EACH ITS OWN, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER BUT APPLIED KNOWLEDGE IS WISDOM. DON'T BE A FOLLOWER OF ANY ONE PERSONS WORD. NOT EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET IS TRUE. FOR THE PRICE, LOCATION AND AMENITIES WITHOUT THE EXTRA FEES HERE IS FINE. NOT PERFECT BUT FINE PLACE TO LIVE AND SAVE.

    Anna-Lee Marie
    November 04, 2022

    I wish I could say I felt safe here, the location is wonderful and the views and community surrounding it are wonderful. However, the company that runs it could not feel more like a scam. They disregard all laws and try to slip things by. They can never keep consistent staff in the front office, they can never follow through on their words, no one has basic documentation skills and claims they have never heard of reports. The corporate office is confrontational and disgusting and has zero professionalism. ONE of the maintenance guys does his job and is fabulous. The issue is the rest of the staff has no idea how to communicate or do their job from the bottom all the way to the top. They prefer to be confrontational instead of listen. They try to manipulate their tenants. It’s an automatic power trip as soon as they answer the phone. Please protect yourself and don’t rent from this company. If you need an example of how to destroy the concept of customer service, they are it.

    Madalyn M
    August 21, 2022

    I wouldn't go anywhere near Vintage with a 20ft pole. We rented with them due to the rent special they had at the time. The leasing agent, Ashley, was extremely rude, disrespectful and clearly unhappy. She spoke rudely of other residents/prospects and her coworkers/job. I look back now and WISH I DID NOT LEASE. My monoxide alarms went off one morning. I called the office-No answer. I walked over to the office to find the leasing agent at her desk, I asked about the alarms, and she shrugged it off as "no big deal, their working on electrical stuff". While I was at the office, my dog trapped herself in my room and ripped the carpet trying to escape due to the alarm. I reached out to Julian, who stated that we were responsible for the damages. However, any work that sets off alarms, like carbon monoxide, residents should have gotten a 24 hr notice, enough time for me to crate the dog. Julian even admitted that the vendor was not supposed to be on site that day and that the reason they had work done was because "another resident was messing with the wiring". Both problems that had nothing to do with my lack of preparedness. The PM should not let vendors on site without permission let alone no notice to the whole building. PARKING: Awful. The overflow turned onto the main street, every night. They put up signs a few weeks later and we were getting fined for it. The property is in the middle of fields, no nearby parking available. They didn't enforce parking at all, and it's obvious they did not build parking in regard to unit amount/guests, etc. I called multiple times about it, just to hear "we're working on it at the end of the year" (keep in mind it's Summer and there are handfuls of people driving around in circles who eventually give up and take the fine). At move out, I had conversations with the service techs, even they think poorly of the company. One of them said "I love Julian, he's a nice guy, but you should see this guy's office. There are files stacked hip high all over". Not surprising to me. The turnover rate is extremely high, but it's clear this poor service runs deeper than just the onsite staff-- Seems like an excuse they like to use. We had to pay to replace the carpet and we did, on time. Then a month or so later I get a letter stating I owed a debt to Vintage Corp. I contacted the RM, they "accidently" sent the debt to collections despite having receipt of FULL payment. Credit dropped because they can't seem to get it together even after moving out. Don't be the next tenant who puts more money in their pocket with little to no consideration, work ethic or integrity from them.

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