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    Raymond Rawlings
    August 23, 2023

    I went in during lunch to have a piece of paper notarized. I am a veteran and so do my banking with USAA which has virtually no brick and mortar buildings. I told them as much, that I did my banking with USAA but that I may be in need of a local brick and mortar bank. I was seated to have it notarized but when asked if I had an account with them, which I did not, I was told that they had a policy to only notarize things for account holders. So they couldn't take 3 minutes to notarize a single sheet of paper but instead sent me searching for a post office or someplace else who knows where to get a document notarized. What a nice way to serve Veterans. Thank you for your service.

    Mister Kyle
    January 17, 2023

    They keep sending me stuff to apply with them, but after the less than poor experience they gave my parents, I will never sign with them or advocate for them. They even emailed me information regarding my one of the absolute terrible experiences my parents had with them. These include $600 disappearing from their account and no where to be found what happened to it, no refund of the money and kept passing them on to others. They also lost the title to my parents car for several months and kept messing up the paperwork for the new title. It’s amazing PNC hasn’t made the news for any class action lawsuits with their absolute horrible customer service and and complete lack of liability. Then to have the nerve to continue sending me offers and such in the mail, which I’ve never banked with them ever, so no idea how they got my address or even my email to send information about my parents transactions with them.

    Stewie Griffin
    October 14, 2021

    This is the most incompetent bank you will ever deal with! They can take care of absolutely nothing at this branch leaving you to deal with incompetent people in another country you can barely understand. You will be on the phone for hours trying to take care of something simple. Refinancing my house and they needed a copy of a personal loan statement. NO WAY to get that info on their pathetic web sight no way to have it sent to me electronically either. I cant even go in this branch and have them give me anything. This is the branch where I took out the loan in the first place. I had to have it mailed to me while it was holding up the entire deal, this is one time of many, One can only hope it will get better with PNC but hopefully I will be rid of this bank entirely soon enough. Update: No PNC is worse! just from the transfer for some reason my mortgage is going up over $150 per month and they started charging all kinds of fees for my other accounts!

    Josh Moore
    August 24, 2018

    This bank provides beyond stellar customer service. Everyone I have ever encountered is so friendly and accommodating. I would definitely recommend this bank to anyone looking for a bank that cares about customer satisfaction. I wish I could give this bank 10 stars. It is seriously beyond me how anyone could say the employees here are rude? The only thing I can think of is perhaps those customers were rude to start off with. I seriously can't see any unwarranted rudeness at this bank. They must have really rubbed the employees the wrong way or something. They do have a rather strict overdraft policy and no grace period to bring account to par. If they changed that this bank would be absolutely perfect.

    Myles B.
    October 15, 2021

    Compared to the Fort Collins bank this bank has no idea how to do their job. I went in shortly after the switch to PNC and they sent me 3 debit cards for one checking account, when I asked them to cancel the cards and send me one they lied to my face and said they canceled them when they didn’t. Horrible and very rude customer service and this has been so since 2015. I am 22 years old, so for me to get this irritated to write a review should tell you something….

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