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    Gustavo Prestes
    June 03, 2024

    Walked in for a wire transfer, just one person can assist with that and it was on the phone for more than 30 minutes. They suggested to schedule an appointment in advance, for a simple wire transfer (the app doesn'thas this optipn and by website is not working either). They need to hire more folks or just close the branch, because they are not providing the proper customer service.

    Chris Ong
    May 08, 2024

    Can't give zero stars. They run a credit check on you for withdrawing your own money even when you show 2 forms of ID. Had to make less then 15K withdraw and they barely had the cash on hand. To do anything requires snail mail. Change auto payment on mortgage? Snail mail. remove PMI? Snail Mail. Logged into your online account and want to see your account number (even after 2 factor authentication to just login) put in another code we send to your phone. If you ever put in a password wrong more than twice even if its months between. Locked out. Want back in? Change your password every time after you have to call a service center. Fingerprint doesn't read right? Locked out. They are now charging me $7 a month for my accounts. I miss BBVA, PNC is absolute garbage. They need to update their banking to get with the times.

    Paul Bigus
    May 24, 2024

    PNC BANK IS THE WORST OF THE WORST!!! Here we go again!!!Can’t get online password reset so I can make payments to my loans that this bank has royally screwed up since the beginning. Corporate tells me to go into local bank. I try that and banker tells me he doesn’t have access to do that. Hours wasted on phone and now in the actual bank. THIS IS FOR A PASSWORD RESET! PNC BANK IS FRAUDULENT AND THIEVES

    Mister Kyle
    January 17, 2023

    They keep sending me stuff to apply with them, but after the less than poor experience they gave my parents, I will never sign with them or advocate for them. They even emailed me information regarding my one of the absolute terrible experiences my parents had with them. These include $600 disappearing from their account and no where to be found what happened to it, no refund of the money and kept passing them on to others. They also lost the title to my parents car for several months and kept messing up the paperwork for the new title. It’s amazing PNC hasn’t made the news for any class action lawsuits with their absolute horrible customer service and and complete lack of liability. Then to have the nerve to continue sending me offers and such in the mail, which I’ve never banked with them ever, so no idea how they got my address or even my email to send information about my parents transactions with them.

    Steven Schultz
    April 13, 2024

    Great staff...Great service...Best bank to work with in Loveland!

    BBVA Bank

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